Viper Day with the Kids – June 29th

Cutoff for signup is June 24th at Midnight !
Methodist Children’s Home Society
26645 W. Six Mile Rd., Redford, MI
Click here for directions
On June 29th we will be sharing our cars with
boys and staff, after which we’re hosting a pizza lunch.
9:30am till Noon
The residents of the Methodist Children’s Home are young boys who came to live there through no fault of their own. Our visit provides them with a much needed break from school and a chance to learn what car culture is about.
For more information on MCHS, click here.

• On the sign up form you’ll be asked if you would be willing to tell your “Viper story” to the group. Why you like it, bought it, how it’s special to you. I encourage you to share something about your car. The goal is to encourage interest in all cars and especially Vipers!
• MCHS provides a 4:1 ratio of staff:boys so that our visit runs smoothly.
• Please treat the residents as the boys and young men they are.
There is a possibility that we can take the boys for a very short drive on the campus grounds. If you are interested in driving, here are some additional details and requirements:
• Only putter around with little exhaust noise. NO showing off, speed or aggressive maneuvers.
• You must provide a copy of: drivers license, proof of insurance, and driving record*.
• These 3 items will be retained securely by MCHS until after their next state audit, after which they are destroyed/shredded.
* This is available through the Secretary of State office:
On-line or at an SOS location printed while you are there. Cost is $12.00. Please allow time for the on line request to be mailed to you, no self printing available.

Please note that this event is privately underwritten by a few of our members and no club funds will be expended.

Questions? Call/Email Bob Swartz 248-882-4301

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