2019 CPG Autocross

The autocross is always a great event, even with a few hiccups, and a few late afternoon sprinkles, it was still super fun.  LOTS of smiles from drivers inside their cars.  We had about 45 members, and their guests in attendance.

Also, a few cones stuck under Vipers as well, but you’ll have to look closely for those.

Here are your class winners:

Gen 1 Bryan Aitken 71.047

Gen 2 Michael Sutton 66.222

Gen 2 with ABS Paul McClorey 69.392

Gen 3 Pat Combs 65.597

Gen 4 Corbin Hallberg 67.964

Gen 5 Jeff Lambert 64.507

Fastest Time of the Day Ralph Gilles 62.723

Rookie of the Year CORRECTION

Timothy Tim Schmitt 69.144,

runner up Mike Doljevic 71.563

Fastest Female Susan Andring 74.025

Most Cones Killed Raoul Eiseman

Congrats to all.

Big shout out to everyone that volunteered.  It truly is a monumental task with a lot of behind the scenes people putting this together.

Our thanks also go out to Susan Andring for the many fantastic photos she took while on the trip.  Please click here, to be taken to SmugMug, where you can view or download.

(Note: To view a handful of photos along with the time sheets, for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.)  You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.  Our thanks go out to Alex Good, Sam Milana and Donna Sutherland.
2019 CPG Autocross

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