2019 Fall Tech Day

Our Motorsports Director was working on a new venue, when at the last minute, they were unable to host our group.  Wil and Carrie Thorne graciously opened up their phenomenal garage to host our Tech Day.  This is no ordinary garage.  A couple of our members have had their cars serviced by Wil, but most of us were unaware of his expertise and experience with Vipers.  This was also the first time that many of our members had visited his garage.  Wil lives a considerable distance from the majority of members, but we still had 22 in attendance and 2 Vipers.

Refreshments were provided by MCVO and Wil/Carrie.  The session started with Wil showing cut-up oil filters from numerous brand names, along with the Viper-specific filter.  In each case the Viper filter was far superior. Wil proceeded to show a wide variety of failed components, that he had replaced for customers, alongside the new part.  In many cases the defect was only found by Wil’s diligent inspection.

Wil then covered tips for proper winter storage and then time/mileage intervals that the service manual recommends for fluid and consumable item replacements.  I think each of us was a little guilty in thinking “if it wasn’t broke, why fix it”.

Since the Viper is no longer being produced, Wil has been acquiring the unique service tools and some rare parts, so that local Viper owners can feel comfortable knowing that someone will be able to help them in the future.  It is becoming harder and harder to find a reputable Viper technician or capable dealership in our area.  Wil is filling this niche and those that have taken their cars to him have all spoken highly of his work ethic.

The session ended with a hands-on demonstration on Wil’s Gen 2 coupe.  I heard many comments from members at the end, and everyone was very impressed with the session and what they took away from the event.

Our many thanks to Mike Sutton for planning this event and Wil/Carrie for opening their home to us.
2019 Tech Day

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