2019 EOI Ford v Ferrari Movie

The movie “Ford v Ferrari” release was highly anticipated by car enthusiasts and car historians.  A thread was started on our Facebook site asking who was interested in attending.  Tony Smith quickly took command and offered to coordinate an Event of Interest.  He has a friend who runs the Birmingham 8 theater and worked to get us special accommodations.

There were approximately 36 in attendance for the opening weekend show.  We had our screening in a private theater, reserved just for us. The movie told the story of how Ferrari had dominated Le Mans for years and after Henry Ford II was humiliated by Enzo Ferrari, he was determined at all costs to win.

It was a great movie and brought to life many of the characters we have come to revere.  Everyone enjoyed the movie and even though it was a cold November night, with their Vipers hibernating, members wanted desperately to go drive fast.

We want to thank Tony Smith and the Birmingham 8 staff for allowing us this opportunity to enjoy the movie in our own private theater, where we could also could catch up with old friends prior to the movie.

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2019 EOI Ford v Ferrari Movie

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