2020 Event of Interest – Potential Dates for GingerMan Raceway Outing

Our Motorsports Director, Mike Sutton, along with Eric (Trackalicious), are working to bring you a day at GingerMan Raceway.

GingerMan is considered the safest track in the region and among the safest of tracks in the nation.  This makes it perfectly suited for both the novice driver who is learning the ropes and the advanced driver who is pushing the threshold.

At this time, we have no details, other than 3 potential dates.  Also, Mike is opening up the event to all types of “track capable” vehicles.  Mike is trying to gauge interest and use the data to help negotiate rates.

If you are interested in attending, please click on the “Sign Up Now” button, below.  You may click on one or multiple “check boxes” to let Mike know your preference.  The choices are:
• August 29th & 30th
• September 5th & 6th (Labor Day weekend)
• September 26th & 27th
• I’m interested in attending a future driving event but these dates don’t work for my schedule

Mike will tally the results and try to pick a date that works for the majority of respondents.

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact Mike Sutton, at:
(586) 782-2225

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