Event of Interest – Gingerman Outing – May 16th/17th

Important Information Update!!
Sunday date is confirmed and open for registration and payment directly to Trackilicious.

This event is not limited to MCVO Members or Vipers


  • Date – Saturday, May 16th 2020
  • Track – Gingerman Raceway – 61414 Co Rd 388, South Haven, MI 49090
  • Limited to 60 people. Spots will be reserved on a first pay basis
  • 7 x 20 min sessions   (20 cars per session max)
  • Check in Track time 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • $250 – Regular Registration (Deadline Midnight Tues, May 12th)
  • $275 – Late Entry Fee
  • Date – Sunday, May 17th 2020
  • Track – Gingerman Raceway – 61414 Co Rd 388, South Haven, MI 49090
  • Limited to 75 people – Spots will be reserved on a first pay basis
  • 7 x 20 min sessions
  • Check in Track time 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • $250 – Regular Registration (Deadline Midnight Wed, May 13th)
  • $275 – Late Entry
  • Weekend Saturday, May 16th 2020 & Sunday, May 17th 2020
  • 2 day registration $420 ($80 DISCOUNT) – Regular Registration (Deadline Midnight Wed, May 13th)
  • 2 day registration $450 – Late Entry Fee

Track Amenities:

  • Camping Friday Night – $10 / $20 (with hook up)
  • Garage – $100 / day


COVID Precautions:

  • Drivers are limited to 2 guests and we prefer them to be immediate family members.  We will make exceptions but there must be a really good reason.
  • Drivers may only take their own guests on track as passengers
  • We will be practicing strict social distancing measures.  6ft radius at all times.
  • All attendees will be required to fill in a COVID self check form
  • All drivers will be required to fill a self tech inspection form for their own vehicles
  • I expect to see a variety of super cool cars come out.  While taking pictures is ok, please respect the space of the drivers and their vehicles.
  • As always, safety comes first.  Our vigilance with our on track safety must match our off track safety.

Registration and Payment: 

Registration is through email (eric@trackilicious.com) and confirmed upon payment. Below are the payment methods:

  • Venmo PREFERRED – $250/$420: ericghoukasian@hotmail.com / 248 425 2498 / @Eric-Ghoukasian
  • Chase Quick Pay PREFERRED – $250/$420: ericghoukasian@hotmail.com / 248 425 2498
  • Zelle PREFERRED – $250/$420: ericghoukasian@hotmail.com / 248 425 2498
  • PayPal – $260/$445 ($10/$15 PayPal Processing fee): ericghoukasian@hotmail.com
  • Check – $250/$420: Made out to: Eric Ghoukasian / Address: 3087 Caroline St., Auburn Hills, MI, 48326 (if you choose to pay by check, please send me an email when the check is sent out. Given the short timeline, I would encourage the other forms of payment. Please allow yourselves a couple days for mailing)

Next Track Dates:

  • Waterford Hills – June 5th 2020
  • Waterford Hills – July 10th 2020

From GingerMan Raceway website:
GingerMan Raceway
We will take every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and customers.
Our EMTs are trained to look for Coronavirus symptoms.  They will monitor crowds and assess anybody that might be at risk.

Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the facility.
All of our employees will wear face masks.
We will conduct thorough, extra cleanings throughout the facility and our pavilion will be indefinitely closed.
From signing the waiver at the gate to the driver’s meetings to eating food – everything will be done in a fashion that enforces social distancing.
Things will be different for awhile, but let’s safely do what we can and have some fun!
(Apparently, the SCCA: The BERT Majors event was cancelled for May 16th & 17th.)

Please contact Michael Sutton, MCVO Motorsports Director, if you have any further questions at: cuda73318@yahoo.com or 586-782-2225

We ask that you click on the link below, to sign up for the day or days you’re interested in attending, to help us gauge interest.

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