A Visit with Bob Lutz – Aug. 27th

Our Coordinator, Jon Block, has done it again!

MCVO members have been invited back for a day at the Lutz Farm!

At 9:30 AM, We’ll meet at the “Initial Start Meeting Point”
An email with exact details and updated information will be sent to attendees the week of the event.

~It’s important that you arrive 9:30
Unfortunately, if you miss the departure, you miss the event.

Prior to leaving, the plan is for Vipers to be arranged chronologically, with Gen 1 cars first and staggered starts for each group.
~When you arrive park with the same Gen as your Viper!

We recommend you have enough gas for 120 miles.

At 10:00 AM SHARP, we’ll depart. Our Group Leaders will lead us on a fun, scenic, tour. This leg of the tour is just over 55 miles and 1 hour of pure driving enjoyment.

Around 11:30 AM, we will reach the “Halfway Pit Stop” in Brooklyn, MI.

We’ll allow 30-minutes for the stop then resume the Cruise to the Lutz Farm – with each group staggering their departure.  Make sure you stay with your group since only the Group Leader will have the address to the Farm.

We’re not done –
there will be pizza, salad, beverages and a cake.
All this for only $15 per person!

This is a historic opportunity to meet and greet Bob Lutz.  Jon has offered to bring paint pens, so you can have Bob sign that special “removable” piece on your vehicle.
Plan ahead so you are able to easily take the part off your car.

After lunch, we’ll turn the microphone over to Bob.
If you ever have heard Bob speak, you know this is a MCVO event you don’t want to miss!
There may even be a Q & A session!

We also ask that you bring your own folding chairs for seating and an umbrella for the unpredictable Michigan weather.

Clear your calendar and signup!
We need a reliable headcount in order to buy all the necessary items.
The cutoff for signup is August 20th

This is a Viper only event limited to the MCVO member and one guest.
If you experience issues with your Viper please call Gary Rappaport, prior to arriving.

Please refer to your club email, for full details and the signup Link.

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