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MCVO Membership Types

Social Membership

Associate and Social Memberships are limited to local activities.

This does not include any benefits with the VOA.

The Associate and Social members cannot be affiliated with the VOA in another region (Refer to National Affiliate Membership).

This membership level does not allow the member to hold either President or Vice-President Executive office. These officers represent the region at the National club level.

The Social Membership classification is for previous MCVO members that no longer have a Viper and does not provide members any voting rights within MCVO.

Note: There are restrictions on the drop-down reduced fees. Please contact Marty Heitkamp for these options and restrictions.

Associate Member
Member Name


National Affiliate Membership is limited to local activities.

The National Affiliate Member must be a current member of the VOA.

This membership level does not allow the member to hold any MCVO Executive Officer position or have any voting rights within MCVO.

VOA Affiliate Member Name


Spirit of Viper Membership is limited to local activities and is reserved for Honorary Spirit of Viper Team members only.

This membership level allows the member to hold any MCVO ExecutiveOfficer position and has voting rights within MCVO as a standard member.

Spirit of Viper Member Name

Call if you’d like to discuss the membership options or need additional information.

Marty Heitkamp

MCVO Vice President and Membership Director


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