2020 February Cruise Night – February 19th

Unfortunately our previously chosen venue is still being remodeled and will not be open in time.  We are now moving to a new restaurant for the February Cruise.

February Cruise Night
(New Restaurant Chosen!!)

Join us February 19th, at 6:30 PM for our monthly cruise night as we head over to Ike’s Restaurant.

38550 Van Dyke Ave., Sterling Heights

This is our second visit to this establishment which is a family-owned business, and has taken pride in serving authentic and traditional Lebanese dishes as well as American, Greek, and Italian.

If you need directions, you can find them here.

If you can’t make it by 6:30, feel free to join us when you can.

Event Coordinator is Rick Jakacki and he can be reached via text at (313) 805-4604.

We have a lot of new faces this year, so let’s help them get acquainted by wearing our name badges, if you have them.

2020 Winter Party – February 29th DEADLINE EXTENDED!

We’re having our annual Vegas style party.
The Gazebo Banquet Center,
February 29th from 6:00 to 11:30 P.M.
Dinner will be served at 7:00 P.M.

Enjoy a buffet dinner, cash bar, friendly blackjack games,
and the biggest prizes out of any of our events!!
Everyone is a winner during our Winter Party!

After much demand, we’re having our 4th annual Viper racing!
Come bet on your car and win tickets for the final prize drawings.

The cost for this event will be $35 per person.  Due to popular demand the sign up deadline is now February 24th.  You can sign up via the Event Registration link below.

Take this chance to get out of the cold and win a prize that could be worth more than your annual Club dues!

The Gazebo is at 31104 Mound Rd. Warren, and directions can be found by clicking here.

Contact Diane Cipponeri at 586-677-1304 or text at 248-758-8703

2020 Event of Interest – Potential Dates for GingerMan Raceway Outing

Our Motorsports Director, Mike Sutton, along with Eric (Trackalicious), are working to bring you a day at GingerMan Raceway.

GingerMan is considered the safest track in the region and among the safest of tracks in the nation.  This makes it perfectly suited for both the novice driver who is learning the ropes and the advanced driver who is pushing the threshold.

At this time, we have no details, other than 3 potential dates.  Also, Mike is opening up the event to all types of “track capable” vehicles.  Mike is trying to gauge interest and use the data to help negotiate rates.

If you are interested in attending, please click on the “Sign Up Now” button, below.  You may click on one or multiple “check boxes” to let Mike know your preference.  The choices are:
• August 29th & 30th
• September 5th & 6th (Labor Day weekend)
• September 26th & 27th
• I’m interested in attending a future driving event but these dates don’t work for my schedule

Mike will tally the results and try to pick a date that works for the majority of respondents.

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact Mike Sutton, at:
(586) 782-2225

2020 January Cruise Night – Art & Jake’s

Everyone has been slowly recovering from their holiday madness.  We’ve been having weird unseasonable weather for December and January with temperatures in the 40’s.  Last week we had solid rain and flooding, only to see some light snow a couple days later.

Our Cruise Director, Rick Jakacki found us a new venue on the east side, where we can meet and greet our club friends, many of which we have not seen for quite a while.  I have it on good authority he’s found another new restaurant, on the west side, for February’s Cruise.

For a chilly Wednesday night, we had a great turnout, with 24 in attendance.  The weather was again in the 40’s and you could of almost brought your Viper, until it started to rain on the way home.

Our thanks to Rick for taking the time from his busy schedule, to find us great venues, every month.  The staff is always accommodating for our sizable group.

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2020 January Cruise Night - Art & Jake's

2020 January Cruise Night – Jan. 15th

MCVO Presents our first Cruise Night for 2020!

Art & Jakes
January 15th, starting at 6:30pm

Our Cruise Night Director, Rick Jakacki, has found a new venue for us to hang out.

At Art & Jakes, they strive to give their customers the best dining experience.  They have many dishes in their menu from all over the world. Everyone will surely find something they like from the variety of food they offer.

Their specialty is upscale casual in a sports bar environment.

You may click here for a sample of their menu.

Art & Jakes is located at:
44899 Mound Rd
Sterling Heights
Click here for directions

If you can’t make it by 6:30, feel free to join when you can.

Event Coordinator is Rick Jakacki.
He can be reached via text at (313) 805-4604.

2019 Holiday Party at the DYC

On Dec. 7th, we returned to the beautifully decorated Detroit Yacht Club (DYC) for our annual Holiday Party.  This is the one time of the year that our members dress in their finest evening apparel and everyone looked fantastic.

We had 52 in attendance and 1 Viper.  Dave Dziekan came in his newly acquired red Gen 2, which looked great parked out front of the DYC.

The DYC served a buffet with a wide array of sumptuous entrees and even a prime rib station.  There were holiday-themed gifts raffled off and dancing.

Our hosts Joe and Rose Klutz made sure everything ran smoothly and everyone felt welcome.  We also want to thank our Social Director Diane Cipponeri (and her hubby Mike) who were unable to attend since they’re traveling abroad, but assisted in planning.

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2019 Holiday Party

2019 Bocce Ball

This year winter seemed to come upon us very quickly.  We had approximately 10 inches of snow in the second week of November.  It was a cold day but 34 attendees braved the elements to come out and do battle on the Bocce court.  In the end, only one team stood victorious.  The “Coupes” are the new Bocce Champs for 2019!

Congratulations to: Greg Priestap, Rose Klutz, Tonino Zaccagnini, and Carolyn Mason.  Note: Rose is a multi-year winner!  We also had an unexpected newcomer, Anne Gavin, mother of Sean, who took to the game very quickly and played all evening, right up to the final battle.

Our thanks to Mike and Diane Cipponeri, who consistently provide our club with fantastic events.

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2019 Bocce Ball

2019 EOI Ford v Ferrari Movie

The movie “Ford v Ferrari” release was highly anticipated by car enthusiasts and car historians.  A thread was started on our Facebook site asking who was interested in attending.  Tony Smith quickly took command and offered to coordinate an Event of Interest.  He has a friend who runs the Birmingham 8 theater and worked to get us special accommodations.

There were approximately 36 in attendance for the opening weekend show.  We had our screening in a private theater, reserved just for us. The movie told the story of how Ferrari had dominated Le Mans for years and after Henry Ford II was humiliated by Enzo Ferrari, he was determined at all costs to win.

It was a great movie and brought to life many of the characters we have come to revere.  Everyone enjoyed the movie and even though it was a cold November night, with their Vipers hibernating, members wanted desperately to go drive fast.

We want to thank Tony Smith and the Birmingham 8 staff for allowing us this opportunity to enjoy the movie in our own private theater, where we could also could catch up with old friends prior to the movie.

(Note: To view all photos for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.) You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.
2019 EOI Ford v Ferrari Movie

2019 November Cruise Night – Twisted Rooster

Twenty-one members braved the newly arrived cold and snow to meet at the Twisted Rooster in Belleville on November 6th for our November Cruise In. Unfortunately no one brought their Vipers, but we all had a great time socializing and swapping stories about putting our steeds to bed for the winter. Several members commented that they liked the west side location for a change.

Our thanks to Rick Jakacki for coordinating the event and Bruce Heckman for the photos and write-up.

2019 Fall Tech Day

Our Motorsports Director was working on a new venue, when at the last minute, they were unable to host our group.  Wil and Carrie Thorne graciously opened up their phenomenal garage to host our Tech Day.  This is no ordinary garage.  A couple of our members have had their cars serviced by Wil, but most of us were unaware of his expertise and experience with Vipers.  This was also the first time that many of our members had visited his garage.  Wil lives a considerable distance from the majority of members, but we still had 22 in attendance and 2 Vipers.

Refreshments were provided by MCVO and Wil/Carrie.  The session started with Wil showing cut-up oil filters from numerous brand names, along with the Viper-specific filter.  In each case the Viper filter was far superior. Wil proceeded to show a wide variety of failed components, that he had replaced for customers, alongside the new part.  In many cases the defect was only found by Wil’s diligent inspection.

Wil then covered tips for proper winter storage and then time/mileage intervals that the service manual recommends for fluid and consumable item replacements.  I think each of us was a little guilty in thinking “if it wasn’t broke, why fix it”.

Since the Viper is no longer being produced, Wil has been acquiring the unique service tools and some rare parts, so that local Viper owners can feel comfortable knowing that someone will be able to help them in the future.  It is becoming harder and harder to find a reputable Viper technician or capable dealership in our area.  Wil is filling this niche and those that have taken their cars to him have all spoken highly of his work ethic.

The session ended with a hands-on demonstration on Wil’s Gen 2 coupe.  I heard many comments from members at the end, and everyone was very impressed with the session and what they took away from the event.

Our many thanks to Mike Sutton for planning this event and Wil/Carrie for opening their home to us.
2019 Tech Day