2019 Stahl’s Museum Tour and Lunch

It was a hot, muggy summer day. It was perfect weather for a Viper event. Bob Swartz coordinated our yearly tour of Stahl’s. We had a couple of new members who had never visited and were glad for the opportunity. We had 13 in attendance and 8 Vipers. The Rappaport’s saw that rain was predicted for the afternoon, so we also had 1 Fiat. After our tour of Stahl’s, we had a nice little cruise over to the Bad Brad’s Bar B Q on 23 Mile Road.

We want to thank Bob and John Huszti Sr., for buying appetizers for the table. After a great lunch, Bob suggested we head over to an ice cream shop where they serve Ashby’s Sterling, which has a higher fat content, than most ice creams.

It was a small group but everyone had a great time!

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2019 Stahl's Museum Tour and Lunch

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