2019 Lapeer Drag Racing

Jason Howell, his wife Kathleen, Susan Andring and Mike Sutton were the only attendees.

They met and had great conversations with other drivers in the pit area. They loved the Vipers.

Jason brought his beautiful 2016 GTC which on the third run ran a 11.9448 1/4 mile at 122.62 mph.
Mike’s best run was also on his third run, 12.334 at 118 mph.

The group did not compete in the “Viper only” elimination rounds due to the quantity of MCVO turnout.

Hopefully next time our group can entice more drivers.

There were plenty of race cars though, since they waited approximately 30 minutes between runs.

Our thanks to our Motorsports Director, Mike Sutton, for creating this event.  Mike also wanted to highlight videos he took, while at the event.  Please click on the following links and you’ll be taken to You Tube.

First Run

Second Run

Third Run

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2019 Drag Racing

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