2019 Fall Tour

Great Day! Great friends, new and long-time!

22 cars and 36 smiling faces participated.

Smooth meet and greet at the Big Boy.

Okay, Bob’s Gen I starter refused to kick in but Mike Sutton and Rich Maccani assisted as Pit Crew, mechanics, and potential lifeboat.  Finally bump starting and repeated fiddling got the green machine going and happily participating the rest of the event and home.

Sweet cruise up the St Clair river then overland to “Speaker Lone Oak Orchard”.

Smooth roads (a real treat in MI), low traffic, some beautiful colors, easy riding.

Darlene and the Lone Oak Orchard folks had the welcome mat out (actually a nice lawn 🙂 with our name in lights out front!

If that’s not enough, they provided yummy fresh DONUTS, CIDER, HOT DOGS! and a HAY RIDE without limits! (Some picked apples off the trees as we passed – FRESH!) Then shopping in their curio and apple showroom.

MCVO treated members to a raffle of 15 fresh, scratch made pies by Lone Oak Orchard for lucky winners!

Dave Dziekan & Kathy Bieniewicz had things perfectly planned.

Even when 6 of those prize pies were accidentally sold – oh my! Darlene and crew/family scurried to bake replacements; so those winners got SUPER fresh pies – Yummmmm.

Then an easy as pie (can’t resist a good pun) cruise to Watermark Restaurant on the Lake St Clair coast/canals.  How did Dave get us though the traffic mess at Gratiot and M-19 so well? Magic!

And a wonderful time was had by all!

Thank you Dave and Kathy!  Also thank you to Jason Pontello, Ron Stene and Bob Swartz for sharing their photos.

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Lastly, a very big thank to our Photography Director, Susan Andring for her great photos of the event.  You may click here to be taken to her SmugMug page.
2019 Fall Tour

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