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Culver’s of Waterford Cruise

During the ongoing pandemic lockdown and partial re-opening, Bob Swartz, has been a constant for us in MCVO.  Bob has found creative ways for us to remain in contact and enjoy our Viper friends.  From our Zoom virtual calls, to dinner gatherings, he has been leading the way for our members to stay in touch.

On June 24th, Bob was the coordinator, for a Cruise Night at Culver’s of Waterford.  It was a beautiful summer evening, and our members were happy to drive over and enjoy their great burgers, custard and good friends.

As Bob liked to describe it, “there were 12 glistening Vipers and 17 cheerful members in attendance, who finally got a chance to go to a PUBLIC restaurant.”

Our thanks to Bob Swartz for taking the time to coordinate these great events and Bruce Heckman for the photos.  There will be more photos and a nice article in our next upcoming Newsletter.