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2020 Michigan Avian Experience

We have been experiencing a drought prior to our event and unfortunately the weather decided to change the evening before.  There was an advisory for much of Oakland County and for some, the rain stopped just prior to our departure.  Some had decided to take their dailies while about 12 Viper owners toughed it out and brought their cars.  We had a great turnout with about 40 in attendance.

What a great day at the Michigan Avian Experience!  We were shown Raptors (birds of prey) and a beautiful owl.  We also got to see up close and personal, a magnificent bald eagle, and got to have our picture taken with the eagle.

Our thanks go out to the staff of MAE (Francie and Sarah) for hosting our group and taking such good care of these magnificent creatures.  We also want to thank Mike Sutton and Susan Andring for coordinating the event and finding a truly unique experience.

(Note: To view all photos for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.) You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.
2020 Michigan Avian Experience