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2020 Cohoctah Bar B Q and Cruise

We’ve had some scorching hot days with no rain, then the night prior to our event, the weather service was calling for Flash Flood Warnings and we saw a massive downpour. The morning of the event, the sun came out and we had one of the most beautiful days you could want for a Bar B Q and cruise.

Bob Swartz planned a meet-up, then a beautiful scenic cruise to Spicers Orchard but was unfortunately unable to attend. Mike Sutton and his team of Darrin Ledsinger and Tom Beekman sprung into action to coordinate the cruise. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect drive thru the country side. After the orchard, we took another short scenic drive to the home of Paul and Alison McClorey.

By the time we arrived, we had a total of 24 Vipers and 42 in attendance. This is our second year at the McClorey’s and we are thrilled to be invited.

Paul, Alison and their children opened their home to our group and we truly appreciate the hard work they put into this event. If you think about what it would take to shop, prepare and feed a group this size, it’s mind boggling. Paul briefly explained about the origins of the smokehouse and the modifications he made. He literally started around 5:30-6am that morning to smoke the meats and fish. In addition to the brisket, and ribs, there were 3 different styles of salmon, all smoked to perfection. At the end of the meal, Alison was serving a delicious chocolate cake to our very satisfied and satiated group.

Susan Andring lead the group with a relay race game of “moving” water from one bucket to another with a frisbee. It’s more difficult that it sounds. Our winning team was awarded prizes, at the winners platform. There were also a errant water balloon or two, tossed into the crowds.

We again want to thank our hosts, Paul and Alison (along with their fantastic kids) for all the hard work they put into this event and how much fun we all had.

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2020 Cohoctah Bar BQ and Cruise