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2020 Snakes in the Grass

This was our third Snakes in the Grass, at Canterbury Village, where we partner with the Cobra and Shelby Clubs.  This year we were surprised that the Jaguar Concour & British Showcase, would be held at the same time on the grounds of Canterbury.  I was truly impressed with the care they took in restoring and maintaining these vehicles.

It was a beautiful day, with temps starting out in the high 50’s but quickly rising as the sun came out.  The grounds were fully filled with beautiful classic cars everywhere you looked.  MCVO was there with a stunning display of Vipers.  We had 33 in attendance with 22 Vipers.  As I browsed around the grounds, on numerous occasions, I heard people saying “I’m going over to see the Vipers”.

I have to say, this was by far, the best year yet for this event.  We want to thank Bruce Heckman and George Acree (Cobra) for coordinating a fantastic gathering.

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2020 Snakes in the Grass