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2020 Lutz Do a Fall Color Tour

As Michigan heads in fall, the weather in October can be a gamble, but on Saturday the 10th, it turned out to be spectacular.  The morning started out on the cool side but the temps quickly rose, and headed to a high of about 75 degrees.

Our Coordinator, Jon Block, came up with a event, that beat almost all of our attendance records.  In addition to a fall cruise, Jon was able to have our club go to the Lutz Farm (as in Bob), and meet the legend himself.  As you can imagine, the event registration was off the charts.  There were over a 130 in attendance with 66 Vipers.

The attendees met in the morning at a central location, and headed off in their respective groups, arranged by Viper “generations”.  Each group left at 10 minute intervals, and enjoyed a scenic ride thru Michigan’s fall colors.  Eventually each group rolled into the Lutz Farm in order of production.  We were in awe of the beautiful sprawling grounds which included swans in their scenic pond, endless green pastures to park the cars, an all purpose “garage” now used for events and a soon to be finished “addition” to a barn.  Our members and their guest enjoyed lunch, salad, cake and beverages, courtesy of MCVO.

One of our invited guests, Jean Mallebay-Vacqueur, former Director of Chrysler’s Scientific Lab and General Manager of Special Projects was able to attend and enjoy this special day honoring Bob.  Our Coordinator, Jon, presented Bob with a personal gift of a Gen 1 Viper model, with all 130 names that attended that day, written on the car.  MCVO also presented Bob with a few mementos and gifts from our club.

Bob Lutz graciously autographed everything that was placed in front of him, including all manner of car parts.  With his cigar in hand, each of us will remember meeting this man who did so much for the auto industry, and our historic visit.

We want to thank Jon Block who spent countless hours and sleepless nights preparing for this event.  We also want to thank the small army of volunteers who helped with every aspect and made sure nothing was overlooked.  This is only a small list, but we need to make sure these people are recognized for their efforts.  Many were working behind the scenes and never got a chance to enjoy the cruise or gatherings.  They are: Mike/Diane Cipponeri, Bob Swartz, Mike Sutton, Susan Andring, Rick Jakacki, and Marianne Peggie.

Lastly, our sincere thanks go to Bob Lutz and his wife Terri, who let us come to their farm and entertain well over a hundred people.  Years from now, our members will still be talking about this day.

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Mike Doljevic consistently takes some beautiful photos and this event was no exception.  You may click here to be taken, to his collection.

2020 Lutz Do a Fall Color Tour