2020 Veterans Day Parade – Nov. 8th

Registration has closed

MCVO has been invited to participate in the 2020
Detroit Veterans Day Parade
The Metropolitan Detroit Veterans Coalition (MDVC) exists to give veterans a platform to serve their communities.  They seek to inspire patriotism through civic and patriotic events and community initiatives, bringing citizens, our youth, active military and veterans together for a common cause.

The MDVC will be having a Veterans Day Parade on November 8th.  The event will be broadcast/livestreamed so veterans and spectators can watch from the safety of their homes. Take a moment to view past parades on YouTube to see the many groups who participate, their enthusiasm and how much everyone is enjoying the event!

It is an honor for MCVO to be invited, with space for 12 Vipers, no less!
At this time, the details are being finalized, but we are being asked to present them with our list of interested members.

This is a Viper only event.

Participation is by invitation only and participants must wear face masks, practice social distancing and have their temperatures checked at sign in.

Questions can be directed to Mike Sutton:
cell (586) 782-2225,
email cuda73318@yahoo.com

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