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2020 Veterans Day Parade

15th Annual Detroit Veterans Day Parade
This year the theme is “SALUTING OUR WOMEN VETERANS”

The Metropolitan Detroit Veterans Coalition (MDVC) exists to give veterans a platform to continue to serve their communities.  They seek to inspire patriotism through civic, patriotic events and community initiatives, bringing citizens, our youth, active military and veterans together for a common cause.

To keep our community safe, the Veterans Coalition held a virtual parade, which MCVO participated in.

The parade will be broadcast/streamed this Wednesday, allowing veterans and spectators to watch from the safety of their homes.

It was an honor for MCVO to have been invited.  We had 7 Vipers following the MCVO/Veterans Day banner, which was carried by Lori Emerling and Susan Andring.

We encourage all our members to watch the stream from the comfort of their homes.  The parade will be shown on November 11th, starting at 11am.
You may click here to be taken to the broadcast.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our members and their families who have served, or are currently serving, in the armed forces for their sacrifice to our country.

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2020 Veterans Day Parade