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2021 Spring Tech Day

This year due to Covid and a cold spring, we’ve gotten off to a slow start but we’re starting to gain momentum.  Our Spring Tech Day was held in May, and with the sun shining and temperatures hitting 70, it was a nice change from the last few weeks.  We also got another “breath of fresh air” with the news from the CDC that those who are fully vaccinated can start to resume a more normal life and begin to remove their masks in certain settings.

Our Motorsports Director, Tony Smith, working with our host Scot Rickord, from Prefix, put on an informative and enjoyable session.  They were joined by Dick Winkles, who has been on the Viper Team for years and is highly regarded in the world of Viper for his expertise on our V-10 engines.  Our President, Mike Sutton, started off the session with a brief introduction, and introduced the Board members present.  Scot then gave a brief overview of what Prefix had to offer Viper owners, by the way of repair and modifications to their cars.  Tony, Scot and Dick then opened the session up for questions, which then led into a great give and take from the audience and our “panel”.

We had a great turnout with 29 in attendance and 20 Vipers.  For those of our members who are out of the country or were unable to attend, Mike Sutton recorded the session and will upload to YouTube, so we may publicize the link.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Tony, Dick and Scot for hosting our group.  It is also with great sadness that Tony announced he is leaving Michigan for a fantastic job offer in Texas.  We wish him well and good luck in his new career.

Mike Sutton and Tony worked together to film the event for our Canadian members who were unable to attend.  You may click on the following links to watch the videos.

MCVO 2021 Spring Tech Day – Prefix Part 1 – YouTube

MCVO 2021 Spring Tech Day – Prefix – Part 2 – YouTube

MCVO 2021 Spring Tech Day – Prefix – Part 3 – YouTube

MCVO 2021 Spring Tech Day – Prefix – Part 4 – YouTube

MCVO 2021 Spring Tech Day – Prefix – Part 5 – YouTube

MCVO 2021 Spring Tech Day – Prefix – Part 6 – YouTube

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2021 Spring Tech Day