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2021 Snakes Invade Shelby Township

May 2021 has been a strange month for weather.  The week previous to our event, it was warm and sunny with temps around 80.  The day before, we had a lot of rain, with temps dropping to around 40’s.  Thankfully, on the day, it was dry, with sunny skies, windy and temps approaching 60.

This year for our Third Annual Snakes Invade Shelby, we were hosted by The Godfather Cigar Bar and Bistro.  I can honestly say, I’ve never been to a cigar bar, but I was visibly impressed with their facility.  Also, from our initial conversations, all the way thru to the completion, our host, co-owner, Brandon, went out of his way to make sure our group was well taken care of.  Brandon offered us discounts on our food, an abbreviated special Viper menu (as well as a full menu) with many great lunch options, and there were hourly raffle prizes.

The turnout may have been a little light due to the holiday weekend, but we still had an impressive showing of Vipers in his lot.  We had 22 in attendance with 14 Vipers, and everyone seemed to be having a great time hanging out.  We had a couple of beautiful examples: John Bieleniewicz came in his gorgeous Gen 5 green ACR, and John Wright came in his newly acquired classic Gen 2 GTSR.

Thanks again to our host, Brandon, and we look forward to our 4th Annual Snakes Invade, at The Godfather Bistro.  We also want to thank Ann Rappaport and Sam Milana for the attached photos.

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2021 Snakes Invade Shelby Township