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2021 Spring Brunch

As the year 2021 progresses, the country is slowly getting back to normal from the pandemic.  The Board didn’t think we’d be able to have the event, but with some creativity from our Social Director, Diane Cipponeri, she was able to find us a new venue, with an outdoor tent.  In addition to the beautiful grounds, we also were able to save money and offer our members a fantastic discount.

This year, the Brunch was held at the Italian American Cultural Society on the east side.  Traditionally the Brunch is held in May, but this year, having it in June, gave us a beautiful sunny “summer” day.  Everyone was excited to reunite with old friends and make new ones.  Our President, Mike Sutton, welcomed all attendees, then introduced the Charter members, along with the new members, who joined after the 2019 Brunch.  There were approximately 87 in attendance, with 42 Vipers.  It was a spectacular site to behold in the parking lot, for the group photo.

Along with the fantastic meal, members were able to partake in a silent auction, 50/50 and prize raffle, Viper jewelry sales, and special one-of-a-kind, stained glass Lighthouse, donated by Sam Milana, which recently took top honors at an exhibit.  There was also a raffle for the very creative “tire” centerpieces, created by Diane.

Congratulations to the winners:
Viper Jewelry – Bryan & Julie Aitken
Lighthouse – Susan Andring
50/50 – 2 winners – Mariann Litznerski & Greg Farrelly
Also congratulations to all our Silent Auction winners.

We also award at the Brunch, the Joyce Allen Member of the Year award.  Due to the pandemic, and the cancellation of the 2020 Brunch, we were celebrating 2 winners.  Rather than try to determine a Member of the Year, for the past couple “crazy” years, we decided that each would receive a dual 2020/2021 Member of the Year award.

The Vice President, Gary Rappaport, was honored to give the awards to Marty Heitkamp and Rick Jakacki.  We are truly honored to have both of these members in our club and want to congratulate them on their well deserved awards.

After the meal, we were served 2 beautiful MCVO/Viper cakes for desert.

As members were saying their goodbyes, we know that there is a full schedule of events, and this year it won’t be long before we see each other again soon.

We want to thank Mike and Diane Cipponeri for all the love and hard work they put into this event.  It truly shows in every aspect.  We also want to thank all the volunteers who came early and/or stayed late, to help with this fantastic day.

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2021 Spring Brunch