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2021 Woodward Dream Cruise – Saturday

Hopefully our world is beginning to turn around in the year 2021.  After a very painful year and a half of Covid, it appears that people are re-emerging in a big way.  We’ve had a full calendar of events and each is filled to capacity.

This was the first year at our new location on Woodward, but it had all the essentials.  It had ample parking and a high-rise grassy berm, that our members could watch the traffic on Woodward, under numerous shady trees.  Even the weather cooperated, though maybe a little too much.  It was a very sunny day, with hardly a cloud in the skies, but it will go down as another hot (hi-80’s, maybe 90) and humid afternoon.  Everyone felt like a French fry by the end of the day, but no one was complaining about a very successful event.

We had a great turnout with approx. 119 in attendance and about 71 Vipers.

Our thanks to Marty Heitkamp for coordinating the event, and all the volunteers who helped make it a success.  A huge thanks to Mike Sutton, Susan Andring, Diane and Mike Cipponeri for all that they do to make this club great.  Thru out the day you could see them in constant motion, from setting up tents, to making ice runs, to serving cake and a very cute raffle.

We also want to thank John Huszti, for spending hours manning the front entrance and helping with check-in.  We had a few attend from out-state and they were visibly impressed with our event and teamwork.

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2021 WDC Saturday