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2021 Holiday Party

Our Holiday Party was held this year at the Italian American Cultural Center.  The Center was beautifully decorated for the Christmas Holiday.  This is the one time of year our members come out in the festive attire, with men wearing suits or tuxes and women wearing their beautiful gowns and dresses.  It was quite fun to see our members who we traditionally see in jeans and t-shirts all dressed up!

We had a great turnout with 78 in attendance and one stalwart member, Dave Buchesky, who even drove there in his Gen 2 Viper.  It was great seeing members, who we hadn’t seen in some time and catching up on our latest adventures.  All of our cars are put into hibernation with a few members heading south for the winter soon.  It was bittersweet knowing we wouldn’t be seeing each other for a few months.

Our hosts, Mike and Diane Cipponeri, along with the staff of the Cultural Center, showed everyone a great time.  Diane was able to secure an open bar, even with the super discounted price we paid for the evening, and everyone was enjoying the free adult beverages but in moderation.

We feasted on numerous entrees, salad and side dishes and everything was delicious.  The meal was topped off with a sampling of sweets.  After our meal, Diane gave out numerous gifts to the members with unique and creative games.  One of the games required everyone to get up on the dance floor, and dance until the music stopped.  At that time, they had to “pre-decide” whether the coin toss would be heads or tails and indicate that on their own body.  Eventually only one person remained on the floor after numerous tosses, was declared the winner, and awarded a prize.

Our thanks go out to Mike and Diane for all the hard work they put into making this a memorable evening.  We also want to thank Ann Rappaport, for taking photos throughout the evening, with a small sampling below.

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2021 Holiday Party