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2022 March Cruise Night

Our beloved Cruise Night Director, Mike Cipponeri and his lovely wife, Diane, have been enjoying their time out of state.  In the interim, Mike Sutton has been helping out with planning the February and March Cruise Nights.

Mike found a nice spot on the west side, in Northville, called Mission BBQ, where the interior is covered wall-to-wall with photos and tributes to first responders and our great military veterans.  The Cipponeri’s were on hand to lend their support with checking everyone in and handing out badges.

There was a wide variety of smoked meats and poultry, along with tasty side dishes.  One of our favorites for the evening was the cheesy potatoes.

It was a beautiful evening with temps in the low 60’s.  We had a great turnout with 31 in attendance and we actually had 4 Vipers.  For those of us that still have our snakes in hibernation, it was nice to see and hear those Vipers.

The restaurant has a counter, where each member went to order their respective meals. With this arrangement it was impossible to have a club sponsored hors d’oeuvres tray for each table.  Instead, Mike and Diane came up with a fun drawing where numerous members won small cash prizes.

Mike Sutton and Mike Cipponeri gave a brief overview of upcoming events, and everyone is truly excited for the season to begin in earnest.

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2022 March Cruise Night