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2022 Spring Tech Day

Our Spring Tech Day was held near the end of April and as we mentioned in a previous entry, the weather has been all over the map.  Earlier in the week we had 2 inches of snow, and literally 5 days later they were calling for 80-degree weather for the weekend. Unfortunately, the evening prior to the Tech Day we had some rain, and the roads were still wet.  With all this uncertainty, we still had a great turnout of 12 Vipers and 51 attendees.

Our Motorsports Director, Paul McClorey found a unique location for all of us gearheads. Thanks to our host, Lee Carducci, we were able to visit McLaren Engineering.  Given the specialized nature of their business, we were asked not to take any photos inside, thus you’ll only see our group in the lobby or outside.  This did not diminish our tour, since we were able to view their fantastic facility and their state-of-the-art capabilities.  They say it best: “The Mobility segment is subdivided into three regional groups: North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Within the Mobility segment, the regional groups are vertically integrated operations combining expertise in light metal casting, forging, machining and assembly for both the global electrified and traditionally powered vehicle markets.

The Mobility segment products are focused on both components and systems for new energy powertrains, body and chassis, driveline, engine and transmission systems of these vehicles. In addition to the recently formed eLIN Product Solutions Group that focuses on Electrification, McLaren Engineering provides design, development, and testing services for the Mobility segment.

Seeing the groundbreaking that is going on today for electric vehicles, there is still nothing sweeter than the sound of a high-performance gas engine running on their dyno.

The club provided coffee and donuts prior to the tour and our Cruise Maestro, Bob Swartz, found and led, those that wanted to have lunch, to a nice restaurant, near Walled Lake.

Our thanks to Lee and his staff for coming in on Saturday, to show us their facility.  We also want to thank Paul and Bob for their efforts in setting up the event and lunch.  Paul has recently come on the Board but is already finding unique events for us to do, and Bob is a “rock star” in the club for his contributions all year long.

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2022 Spring Tech Day