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2022 Snakes Invade Shelby Township

This was our second year of Snakes Invade where we were hosted by Godfather Bistro and Cigar Bar.  What made this a little different was that this year we reached out to the Great Lakes Cobra Club, so that we could have many snakes invading.

This summer in Michigan has had its fair share or rain, and watching the weather forecast, in advance had many of us pretty nervous.  The percentages for rain, were all over the map, including the day of the event.  As it turned out, it was a perfect sunny day, with temps in the low 80’s, and the snakes came out to play.

We had approximately 37 in attendance, with 18 Vipers and 4 Cobras.  It was a spectacular sight, with area residents, coming in to view our gathering.

Our thanks to all those that took a chance and braved what could have been a rainy day.  Also, our many thanks to Brandon and his staff for making us feel welcome.  Brandon is already talking about us coming back next year.  We’re also looking forward to it and hope our Cobra friends will join us.

Lastly, our thanks to Ann Rappaport for taking these great photos and many more for one of our future Newsletters.

(Note: To view all photos for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.) You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.
2022 Snakes Invade Shelby Township