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2022 Fish Fly Parade

The Coordinator, Susan Andring wrote the following about her event:

“What a great day it turned out to be for our members that signed up for the New Baltimore Fish Fly Festival Parade. Who doesn’t love a parade? Most importantly…..No rain! Giant shout out to Paul LaPlant and Brandy Adams for “volunteering” to be today’s grill master. Perfectly cooked burgers and dogs followed by Key Lime pie and ice cream bars! Thank you for all that attended!

Exciting News! The Fish Fly Parade has announced the winners of each category and MCVO won for the 2nd year in a row under “Classic”. This year, there were 3 entries vs. 2 for last year. Though I didn’t share last year that there were only 2 entries in Classic, but still, for our 1st and 2nd time ever being in the parade, we are a HIT! Each car got a shiny blue ribbon just for being entered and we will get a fancy certificate in the mail soon. Thank you again to all who participated.”

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2022 Fish Fly Parade