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2022 Dream Cruise Thursday Dinner

The weather was perfect for our annual Dream Cruise dinner. It was about mid-80’s with sunny skies.  Some members reported rain showers on their side of town, but in Bloomfield Township, the skies were clear without a hint of rain.

Before we start, a big thank you to Marty Heitkamp, who is responsible for acquiring our lot, and having it ready for our multiple Dream Cruise events.  Many of you may not know this but it’s been very difficult dealing with the lot management, but Marty perseveres and gets it done.

This event had a huge turnout with about 97 members and their guests registered, and 50 Vipers.  Our Social Director, Diane Cipponeri, found a new caterer, Chef Ramone, who cooked up a delicious variety of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken breasts, on the grill.  There was also a wide selection of salads, fruits and vegetables, so no one went away hungry.  Everything was fresh, juicy and delicious and we overheard multiple members complimenting the meal.  To top it all off, Mike and Diane brought 2 huge cakes for dessert.

Our thanks to Mike and Diane Cipponeri, for putting together another fantastic event.  We also want to thank Chef Ramone for a job well done.  Lastly, a special thank you to our new Merchandise Director, Paul LaPlant and Brandy Adams, who come all the way from Ohio, to participate, but also came hours early to help setup.

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2022 Dream Cruise Thursday Dinner