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2022 Harper Charity Cruise

For over two decades, there has been a charity cruise on Harper Avenue, in St. Clair Shores.
The cruise runs from Old Eight Mile to Bayside Street on Harper.  This year the Cruise was on August 31st.

One of our Facebook friends, Mark Hovis, and Tom, the owner of Gaudino’s Restaurant, graciously offered MCVO Viper parking during the cruise.  They have beautiful lawn area in front of the restaurant and could fit our Vipers comfortably.  The weather was perfect, and you couldn’t ask for a more perfect day.  The temp was in the low 80’s, sunny without a cloud in the sky and a light breeze.

Unfortunately, a storm had ripped thru their area a few days before and they were still without power and unable to serve food.  Tom being a gracious host, set out a nice spread of Italian breads, meats and cheeses.  I think they loved having us there, as much as, we enjoyed viewing the cruise from their restaurant.  Tom was truly sorry we couldn’t try his food and offered to have us back next year.

The Harper Cruise is a favorite to many since it’s a low-key event and there is no median, so you can see all the cars easily from your seats.  We had a nice turnout for a Wednesday event with 8 Vipers and 13 in attendance.

Our sincere thanks to all who came out to represent MCVO for a first-time event at Gaudino’s, along with the owner, Tom, and Mark Hovis, for setting this up.

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2022 Harper Cruise