2020 Fall Tech Day – Nov. 7th

Our Motorsports Director, Mike Sutton, along with our host, Gordon Heidacker of PMD Garage, invite you to participate in our Fall Tech Day.

From advanced Viper engine development to building state of the art electric karts for M1 Concourse, PMD Garage has fascinating development projects that you will never see anywhere else. Gordon is a former Executive with Chrysler who was involved in the original development of the Viper.

Where: PMD Garage, 40 West Pike St., Pontiac.
You may click here for directions.

When: November 7th, from 10am to Noon

Coffee and donuts, will be provided by our club.
We ask that you bring your own chairs.

We must wear masks, practice social distancing and follow all current CDC Guidelines during this event. Masks may be removed when consuming food or drink.

In order to help us prepare, please signup using the link below.
The cutoff for signup is 11/5/20.

Questions can be directed to our event coordinator, Mike Sutton, at
(586) 782-2225 or email: cuda73318@yahoo.com

2020 October Cruise Night – Luigi’s

We’ve now settled into cooler days, as the month of October comes to a close. The morning of the 21st, saw rain in the early hours but dried up by mid-day.  It actually turned out to be a beautiful day with sun and temps in the hi-50’s.

Our Cruise Director, Rick Jakacki, found us a new venue on the west side, called Luigi’s Trattoria Pizzeria, in Livonia.  In addition, our Cruise-Maestro, Bob Swartz, created a mini fall cruise to the restaurant from Waterford.

Luigi’s was very accommodating for our group with parking in the rear, our own waitstaff and tables outdoors.  Members were given the choice of inside or outside dining.  Most opted for dining alfresco.  We had 12 Vipers and 23 in attendance.

While the sun was still out, it was quite pleasant dining outside.  Once the sun set, it got a little chilly, but everyone braved the cold and had a great time, enjoying great food and great company.

Our beloved Diane Cipponeri got a little chilled and our very debonair Tony Smith jumped in to save a damsel in distress.

Traditionally there are no Cruise Nights in November or December, so it was good to see everyone for our last Cruise Night of the year.  Hopefully for the new year, we’ll have some new options for getting together.

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2020 October Cruise Night - Luigi's

EOI – N. Indiana Color Tour – October 24th

Event of Interest
Invitation from Viper Owners in North Indiana
Saturday, October 24th, starting at 11am

A group of Viper owners in Northern Indiana have invited us for a fun day to bond with other owners and enjoy the Indiana countryside.  While this is not an official Viper club event, we thought there may be a few MCVO members who would enjoy attending and socializing.

The day will begin at Ray Swears’ warehouse of Vipers.  Ray and his brother race with NASA and own 20+ Vipers, plus numerous other collectible cars.

To date they have 15 Vipers attending from the Illinois’ and Indiana regions.

Event: Viper gathering, lunch and tech session, followed by fall color tour.

Date: Oct. 24th, 11 am – 2 pm

Host: Ray Swears

Location: Positron Corporation, 4614 Wayland Dr., Elkhart, IN
You may click here for directions.

Recommended Hotel: La Quinta by Wyndham Elkhart, 330 Northpointe Blvd, Elkhart, IN.  You may click here for directions.

RSVP to: Ray Swears, 574-215-8777 or email: ray@positroncorp.com
or text Leslie McLaughlin at 574-315-7727

2020 Veterans Day Parade – Nov. 8th

Registration has closed

MCVO has been invited to participate in the 2020
Detroit Veterans Day Parade
The Metropolitan Detroit Veterans Coalition (MDVC) exists to give veterans a platform to serve their communities.  They seek to inspire patriotism through civic and patriotic events and community initiatives, bringing citizens, our youth, active military and veterans together for a common cause.

The MDVC will be having a Veterans Day Parade on November 8th.  The event will be broadcast/livestreamed so veterans and spectators can watch from the safety of their homes. Take a moment to view past parades on YouTube to see the many groups who participate, their enthusiasm and how much everyone is enjoying the event!

It is an honor for MCVO to be invited, with space for 12 Vipers, no less!
At this time, the details are being finalized, but we are being asked to present them with our list of interested members.

This is a Viper only event.

Participation is by invitation only and participants must wear face masks, practice social distancing and have their temperatures checked at sign in.

Questions can be directed to Mike Sutton:
cell (586) 782-2225,
email cuda73318@yahoo.com

2020 Lutz Do a Fall Color Tour

As Michigan heads in fall, the weather in October can be a gamble, but on Saturday the 10th, it turned out to be spectacular.  The morning started out on the cool side but the temps quickly rose, and headed to a high of about 75 degrees.

Our Coordinator, Jon Block, came up with a event, that beat almost all of our attendance records.  In addition to a fall cruise, Jon was able to have our club go to the Lutz Farm (as in Bob), and meet the legend himself.  As you can imagine, the event registration was off the charts.  There were over a 130 in attendance with 66 Vipers.

The attendees met in the morning at a central location, and headed off in their respective groups, arranged by Viper “generations”.  Each group left at 10 minute intervals, and enjoyed a scenic ride thru Michigan’s fall colors.  Eventually each group rolled into the Lutz Farm in order of production.  We were in awe of the beautiful sprawling grounds which included swans in their scenic pond, endless green pastures to park the cars, an all purpose “garage” now used for events and a soon to be finished “addition” to a barn.  Our members and their guest enjoyed lunch, salad, cake and beverages, courtesy of MCVO.

One of our invited guests, Jean Mallebay-Vacqueur, former Director of Chrysler’s Scientific Lab and General Manager of Special Projects was able to attend and enjoy this special day honoring Bob.  Our Coordinator, Jon, presented Bob with a personal gift of a Gen 1 Viper model, with all 130 names that attended that day, written on the car.  MCVO also presented Bob with a few mementos and gifts from our club.

Bob Lutz graciously autographed everything that was placed in front of him, including all manner of car parts.  With his cigar in hand, each of us will remember meeting this man who did so much for the auto industry, and our historic visit.

We want to thank Jon Block who spent countless hours and sleepless nights preparing for this event.  We also want to thank the small army of volunteers who helped with every aspect and made sure nothing was overlooked.  This is only a small list, but we need to make sure these people are recognized for their efforts.  Many were working behind the scenes and never got a chance to enjoy the cruise or gatherings.  They are: Mike/Diane Cipponeri, Bob Swartz, Mike Sutton, Susan Andring, Rick Jakacki, and Marianne Peggie.

Lastly, our sincere thanks go to Bob Lutz and his wife Terri, who let us come to their farm and entertain well over a hundred people.  Years from now, our members will still be talking about this day.

(Note: To view all photos for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.)  You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.

Mike Doljevic consistently takes some beautiful photos and this event was no exception.  You may click here to be taken, to his collection.

2020 Lutz Do a Fall Color Tour

Lutz Do a Fall Color Tour – Oct. 10th

Registration has been closed for this event!

Please note new “Initial Start Meeting Point” location

Lutz Do a Fall Color Tour
Saturday, October 10th, starting at 9:00am

Our Coordinator, Jon Block, has a phenomenal event in store for you.

At 9:00 AM, We’ll meet at the “Initial Start Meeting Point” which is:

Kohl’s parking lot at:
6650 Whitmore Lake Rd, Brighton
You may click here for directions.

We recommend you have enough gas for 120 miles.

Please refer to your club email for full details of the itinerary, and additional meet/waypoints.

At a later stop, we will be joined by our invited special Chrysler guests.  We don’t want to ruin the surprise but Jon has invited some influential members of the Chrysler Executive Team, during Viper.

Prior to leaving, the last meet point, all MCVO Vipers will be arranged chronologically, with Gen 1 cars first.

This will be a historic opportunity to meet and greet Bob Lutz.  Jon has offered to bring paint pens, so you can have Bob sign that special place on your vehicle.

We’re not done – there will be pizza, salad, beverages and a cake.

We forgot to mention the best part –
Cost: 100% underwritten by club funds
For you: free, nada, zip, zero dollars

All invitees will be required to wear face masks when not eating or drinking.  We also ask that you bring your own folding chairs for seating.

Clear your calendar and signup!  We need a reliable headcount in order to buy all the necessary items.

Not sure you can make it?  Hold off on signing up until you know for sure.  We want to avoid “no-shows”, the goal is to spend the club’s money wisely!

The cutoff for signup is (Close of Business) 10/5/20

Please click on the “Register Now” button, below, to register.

You may also follow the participation, or verify your registration on our web site, under Who’s Attending.

Click here to be taken to the page. (password: viper2016)

2020 September Cruise Night – Little Daddy’s

The weather in Michigan has been gradually cooling with temps in the 60’s to 70’s. Mother Nature apparently wanted us to have a beautiful cruise night and provided us with a high of 82 degrees and sunny skies all day. Even as we went into the evening, it was still very pleasant. The very next day, the temps dropped back to being only a high of 60.

Little Daddy’s loves classic cars and has hosted many local clubs with their large parking lot and excellent service. They even offered us inside seating and outside tables, near our cars, for those that felt more comfortable being outside. We had our own waitress outside, Dawn, who took fantastic care of everyone.

We had a great turnout with 17 Vipers and 30 in attendance. We had a couple of notable “news” items: Paul Choukourian stopped by in his beautiful Ford GT. We had a couple, Jim and Kathy Kos, who recently joined our Facebook group. They saw our post and decided to come mingle with the group. Hopefully, they’ll decide to join our club.

The club purchased humous and pita as an appetizer, and everyone had a great time catching up with their Viper club mates.

We want to thank our Club Cruise Night Director, Rick Jakacki, for a fantastic evening. We know it’s a difficult task to find restaurants, that have great parking, food and service for a group to meet, during the pandemic. We also want to thank Ann Rappaport for the photos.

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2020 September Cruise Night - Little Daddy's

2020 Lighthouse Tour

Overcast skies greeted us Thursday morning as thirteen Vipers rolled into the meetup place. At the last minute, two of our members were not able to bring their Vipers due to mechanical issues. They were able to bring their daily drivers and still enjoyed the tour. Hopefully we will see them soon in their “good as new” Vipers.

Temperatures were comfortable, sometimes requiring a light jacket, sweater or long sleeves.

Overall, we had a great time with minimal issues, some light rain and mostly overcast skies.
We had such a great group that were able to make it the best MCVO Lighthouse tour of the year!

Lighthouses visited:
St. Joseph North Pier Inner Light
South Haven South Pierhead Light
Holland Harbor – “Big Red” Lighthouse
** USS Silversides Submarine & Museum **
Muskegon South Breakwater Light
White River Lighthouse
Little Sable Lighthouse
Point Betsie Lighthouse
Mission Point Lighthouse

(Note: To view all photos for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.)  You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.
2020 Lighthouse Tour

2020 Snakes in the Grass

This was our third Snakes in the Grass, at Canterbury Village, where we partner with the Cobra and Shelby Clubs.  This year we were surprised that the Jaguar Concour & British Showcase, would be held at the same time on the grounds of Canterbury.  I was truly impressed with the care they took in restoring and maintaining these vehicles.

It was a beautiful day, with temps starting out in the high 50’s but quickly rising as the sun came out.  The grounds were fully filled with beautiful classic cars everywhere you looked.  MCVO was there with a stunning display of Vipers.  We had 33 in attendance with 22 Vipers.  As I browsed around the grounds, on numerous occasions, I heard people saying “I’m going over to see the Vipers”.

I have to say, this was by far, the best year yet for this event.  We want to thank Bruce Heckman and George Acree (Cobra) for coordinating a fantastic gathering.

(Note: To view all photos for this event, move your mouse or cursor toward the picture, then click on the directional arrows that will appear.)  You may also click on a photo where you’ll be sent to Flickr and can download your favorite.
2020 Snakes in the Grass

2020 Snakes in the Grass – Sept. 5

The Third Snakes in the Grass event will be September 5th at the beautiful and scenic Canterbury Village, where we’ll be partnering with our Cobra (GLCC) and Shelby (SAAC) friends.

Last year, we had a small turnout due to inclement weather and multiple events going on simultaneously.  This year we hope to see many more Vipers attending!

This is a great opportunity to make new friends, and enjoy coffee and donuts at Yates Cider Mill, as well as, visit the unique shops that Canterbury has to offer!

Lunch can be purchased at the restaurant, in the Village.

Canterbury Village is located at:
2359 Joslyn Ct, Orion Charter Township. You may click here for directions.

If you participate in this event, we ask that you stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.

For questions and additional information, you may contact Bruce Heckman, at (248) 760-1722.