2020 August Cruise – Tedson Industries

On August 12th, our Cruise Night Director, Rick Jakacki, treated us to a very special evening.

Rick teamed up with our host, Steve Marek, of Tedson Industries, to show us their state of the art 25,000 foot facility.

From small fasteners to full-scale vehicle builds, Tedson Industries can create it all. Their vast experience allows them to turn your vision into reality.  We even got to see Rick’s classic truck being updated with a hand-built headliner.

Founded in 1985, Tedson Industries, Inc. has been a staple of the machining and prototype world for over 35 years.  They have vast experience in the fields of automotive concept & advanced product development, marine, industrial, visual imaging, sports & leisure, and aircraft—just to name a few.  Tedson Industries, also has design capabilities and consistently seeks new challenges.

We had a fantastic turnout with 40 people and 23 Vipers in attendance.  It was a perfect summer evening for the event, where MCVO provided the attendees with beverages and dinner.  Our thanks to Bob Swartz for coordinating the dinner, and Rich Maccani’s “delivery” service.

I’m told that some of our members headed off to Woodward after the event, for their own mini-cruise.

Our sincerest thanks go out to Steve (Marek) and his Shop Manager, Steve Legas, for taking the time to open his shop to our club.  Thank you to Rick Jakacki, for taking the time to plan and help with the event.  Rick also assisted with the tours, was very knowledgeable and did a great job of tour guide.

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2020 August Cruise - Tedson Industries

2020 LaFontaine Car Show and Cruise

Our club was invited to the LaFontaine Car Show, in Fenton.  Bob Swartz decided that rather than have a plain, boring car show, he’s liven it up with a scenic cruise with our Vipers, to the show, and make a spectacular entrance.  Bob was definitely on to something, he had 14 cars and 20 people in attendance.

We’ll let Bob take it from here:
“We cruised in as a group to the LaFontaine of Fenton dealership’s car show at 5pm sharp on August 6th.

It was a great finale to a nice, comfortable country cruise to this excellent car show.
And a good start for us to enjoy the show.

Lots of variety in addition to our Vipers. Muscle, Hot Rods, Oldies, Barn Finds, Modern – all were there in abundance.

Plus the free food truck; we love that!
Some prizes.
Good DJ music.
Fine friends and new folks to meet.
And beautiful weather for a cruse and show.

I think we had it all.
Thanks MCVO for this excellent FREE event of interest.”

We want to thank Bob for his many years of support for our club.  Time and time again, Bob has volunteered to create an event or help make an existing event even better.  We also want to thank Mike Doljevic for his beautiful photos.

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2020 LaFontaine Car Show and Cruise

2020 High Octane Cars & Coffee Viper Day – Part 2

If you recall, at the end of May, we had Viper Day Part 1.  The owners of High Octane so enjoyed having our Vipers last year, that they proposed 2 Viper days this year.  We did not disappoint for either outing.

Our second gathering, was held on August 1, and we couldn’t have picked a better morning. Our summer has been spectacular this year.  The sky was a little overcast, but temps were in the high 70’s, low 80’s.

Vipers starting arriving before 8am and continued all the way thru the event.  We had a fantastic turnout with over 36 people in attendance and 34 Vipers.  We pretty much filled their lot, and cars were stacked all over.  It was an impressive sight.

We want to thank the owner of High Octane Bakery, Tom Llewellyn, for hosting our cars and providing us with their free tasty coffee and donuts, for the cruisers.

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2020 High Octane Part 2

2020 Hidden Gems of Pontiac

Our “Gems of Pontiac” day started at the private, never-open-to-the-public, collection of Larry Smith, founder and former owner of Autometric Collision.  Although Larry’s collection is split between here and Scottsdale, we were able to see what a real collector, driving enthusiast, automotive historian, and skilled mechanic, body man, and painter, can accomplish.  Larry’s cars were, in his words, simply “Cars that I like!”  He showed us his 1935 Hoffman, with a water-cooled X-8 engine.  There is only 1 made, and little is known about it.  Looking for some speed (aren’t we always?) then some Corvette’s, Porsche’s, and Shelby’s were in ample supply! And then the spectacular 1936 Stout Scarab, shown last year (and winning) at the Monaco Concours d’Elegance.  His interest remains varied, as he told us that his first car to collect was a Triumph TR3 (also in the collection).

We then took a short drive to the PMD Garage, where Gordon Heidacker, a former Chrysler executive with ties to Team Viper, told us about their Viper capabilities!  They had 50 Viper engine blocks inside, and are in the process of acquiring all of the existing Viper parts stock from Chrysler, for a full-service one stop shop for all Viper owners, for both stock originality and performance engine build!

Our last stop was at LBI Limited, a national sales organization of fine collector and sports cars, and where else could one go to find 4 Vipers for sale…but not average ones, low mileage, a GTS, and at the top of the heap, the Team Oreca Viper that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans!  Don’t we hope that one stays in the Detroit area!  A fun day for MCVO members with a turnout of 26 car enthusiasts and 16 Vipers.

We want to give a quick shoutout to our pop quiz winner, Tony Smith.

Editor’s note: We want to thank Jon Block for taking the time to create this truly unique event, and authoring this abbreviated article. The full article will be published in our next upcoming Newsletter, along with photos from Jon and Bruce Heckman.  We also want to thank Jason Pontello for taking the time to photograph the event and send them to the club.  Jason’s photos are highlighted here.

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2020 Hidden Gems of Pontiac

2020 July Cruise Night at Culver’s

All the Cruises for MCVO that Rick Jakacki puts together for us is GREAT.
And the July Cruise Night was no exception; and with some superlatives to boot!

We had a whole parking lot to ourselves.
Several Culver’s customers came to look at the cars.
A good turn out (16 cars and 24 people) of new and long time members.
EZ to order carry out or drive thru dinner at our leisure.
And FREE, did I say FREE, ice cream delivered car side.
Courtesy of MCVO – thank you very much.

As best I could tell, a splendid time was had by all.
(And it sure was great to get “OUT”, and everybody stayed safe)!

We want to thank our Co-Coordinator, Bob Swartz, for this article, photograph and his help in making this a fun evening.

2020 Cohoctah Bar B Q and Cruise

We’ve had some scorching hot days with no rain, then the night prior to our event, the weather service was calling for Flash Flood Warnings and we saw a massive downpour. The morning of the event, the sun came out and we had one of the most beautiful days you could want for a Bar B Q and cruise.

Bob Swartz planned a meet-up, then a beautiful scenic cruise to Spicers Orchard but was unfortunately unable to attend. Mike Sutton and his team of Darrin Ledsinger and Tom Beekman sprung into action to coordinate the cruise. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect drive thru the country side. After the orchard, we took another short scenic drive to the home of Paul and Alison McClorey.

By the time we arrived, we had a total of 24 Vipers and 42 in attendance. This is our second year at the McClorey’s and we are thrilled to be invited.

Paul, Alison and their children opened their home to our group and we truly appreciate the hard work they put into this event. If you think about what it would take to shop, prepare and feed a group this size, it’s mind boggling. Paul briefly explained about the origins of the smokehouse and the modifications he made. He literally started around 5:30-6am that morning to smoke the meats and fish. In addition to the brisket, and ribs, there were 3 different styles of salmon, all smoked to perfection. At the end of the meal, Alison was serving a delicious chocolate cake to our very satisfied and satiated group.

Susan Andring lead the group with a relay race game of “moving” water from one bucket to another with a frisbee. It’s more difficult that it sounds. Our winning team was awarded prizes, at the winners platform. There were also a errant water balloon or two, tossed into the crowds.

We again want to thank our hosts, Paul and Alison (along with their fantastic kids) for all the hard work they put into this event and how much fun we all had.

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2020 Cohoctah Bar BQ and Cruise

2020 Michigan Avian Experience

We have been experiencing a drought prior to our event and unfortunately the weather decided to change the evening before.  There was an advisory for much of Oakland County and for some, the rain stopped just prior to our departure.  Some had decided to take their dailies while about 12 Viper owners toughed it out and brought their cars.  We had a great turnout with about 40 in attendance.

What a great day at the Michigan Avian Experience!  We were shown Raptors (birds of prey) and a beautiful owl.  We also got to see up close and personal, a magnificent bald eagle, and got to have our picture taken with the eagle.

Our thanks go out to the staff of MAE (Francie and Sarah) for hosting our group and taking such good care of these magnificent creatures.  We also want to thank Mike Sutton and Susan Andring for coordinating the event and finding a truly unique experience.

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2020 Michigan Avian Experience

Culver’s of Waterford Cruise

During the ongoing pandemic lockdown and partial re-opening, Bob Swartz, has been a constant for us in MCVO.  Bob has found creative ways for us to remain in contact and enjoy our Viper friends.  From our Zoom virtual calls, to dinner gatherings, he has been leading the way for our members to stay in touch.

On June 24th, Bob was the coordinator, for a Cruise Night at Culver’s of Waterford.  It was a beautiful summer evening, and our members were happy to drive over and enjoy their great burgers, custard and good friends.

As Bob liked to describe it, “there were 12 glistening Vipers and 17 cheerful members in attendance, who finally got a chance to go to a PUBLIC restaurant.”

Our thanks to Bob Swartz for taking the time to coordinate these great events and Bruce Heckman for the photos.  There will be more photos and a nice article in our next upcoming Newsletter.

Michigan Avian Experience – June 27th

Michigan Avian Experience
MCVO “Totally Free Event” – Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Michigan Avian Experience was created to capture our innate fascination with birds and flight.  Using non-releasable, wild native Michigan raptors (owls, eagles, hawks) as teaching partners, the organization will give an educational and entertaining show to our club members.
All of the raptors working with Michigan Avian Experience are unable to survive in the wild due to poorly healed injuries.  As avian predators, their wings, feet, and eyes need to be perfect in order to survive.  Even then, in some cases, it is estimated only 20% live into adulthood.

We will be able to experience these fascinating raptors, up close.

We must practice social distancing even though this event is held outdoors, and strongly recommend the wearing of masks.

8:30am – “Eastsiders”,
Meet at Dairy Queen, 28039 Mound Road, Warren Click here for directions.

The Eastsiders will then cross town and rendezvous with the Westsiders.

10:00am – “Westsiders”,
Meet at Speedway Gas, 930 S. Main St, Chelsea Click here for directions.

Cruise Route will be handed out at meet up spots.

We ask that you fill-up prior to leaving.

Please contact Mike Sutton with any questions, at 586-782-2225.

In order to help us gauge interest, we ask that you click on the signup link below, and fill in the required information.  The cutoff for signup is 6/25.

Cohoctah Cruise & Barbecue – July 11th

July 11th, starting at 11:45am
Rain or Shine

Our Coordinators for this event have a full day in store for you.

At 11:45 AM, we’ll gather at Burger King.
It’s located at: 7320 Highland Rd, Waterford Twp.
You may click here for directions.
(Bathrooms are available in Burger King).

At 12:00PM SHARP, we’ll depart.  Bob Swartz will lead us on a fun, scenic, country setting, with lots of trees.  It’s just over 40 miles and just under an hour of pure driving enjoyment.
We’ll take a fun 1-hour break at Spicer’s Orchard and Winery.

We’ll each be on our own to enjoy their Fresh DONUTS, and lots of tasty goodies.  There is also knickknack’s to shop for, ice cream, an orchard, and a farm setting to stroll and view.  They also have a wine tasting.  You may click here for their web site, and under the winery tab, you’ll find a downloadable wine menu.

Don’t eat or drink too much, because at 2:00pm, it’s on to the McClorey’s and a fantastic BBQ.

Our hosts, Paul & Alison McClorey have invited us to spend the day, at their home and breathtaking grounds.  The home was built in 1865, and they reside on 6.5 acres, with a pond, barns, horseshoe pits and a working smokehouse.

We plan to arrive at the McClorey’s home by 2:30 pm, with dinner being served by 4:00 pm.

Paul and Alison are already making plans for a fantastic variety of meats, which are cooked in their personal smokehouse, including: salmon, chicken, ribs and brisket.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that you bring: Side dishes for your own consumption, your beverage of choice, and a chair.  Utensils & plates will be provided.

We encourage that you not only maintain ’social distancing’ but also wear a face mask when not eating or drinking.

There will be a bathroom available.

After endless cancellations ~ finally an event which rings all the bells!

Cost: 100% underwritten by club funds
For you: free, nada, zip, zero dollars

Clear your calendar and signup!  We need a reliable headcount in order to buy and prepare the meats.
Not sure you can make it?  Hold off on signing up until you know for sure.  We want to avoid “no-shows”, the goal is to spend the club’s money wisely!

The cutoff for signup is 7/7/20.

We hope you’ll join us for the initial meet-up and cruise.
If you can’t, the McClorey’s are located at:
913 Chase Lake Road, Howell.
You may click here for directions.

Questions can be directed to our Coordinators:
Bob Swartz; racerbob@comcast.net; (248) 882-4301
Paul McClorey; paul@paulsonsconstruction.com; (810) 347-5188